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Now you can register domains for as low as $8.50 (price list below), and you can register the most common domains (such as .com and .net) and see newly registered domains resolve Internet-wide within 15 minutes!!! No longer do you need to wait 12 to 48 hours before the hosted domain is accessible via the Web. You register the domain, set up hosting on one of our servers, and are in business INSTANTLY!

On top of this: we now offer a FREE Domain Registration Reseller Plan. Sell domains from your website or register your own domains using this plan

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 $8.50  $8.50
  .tk  $9.49  $9.49
  .de  $9.99  $9.99
  .com  .net  .org  .info  .biz  .eu  .nl  .ru  .it  .рф   $12.39  $12.39
  .ca   .es   .fr   .in  $14.75  $14.75
  .tel   .at   .dk   .pro  .asia     $16.75  $16.75
  .mobi     $25.75  $25.75
  .es   .ch   .lt   .pl   .lt   .li    $25.75  n/a
  .cc   .in   .me   .lu   .ws  $29.75  $29.75
  .bz   .si   .lv  $29.75  n/a
  .co  $35.75  $35.75
  .se   .pt   .cx   $42.75  n/a
  .mx   $48.75  $48.75
  .tv   .tc   .ro   .ms   .gs   .tw   $57.75  $57.75   .hk   .gl   .ph   .jp  $57.75  n/a

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