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To achieve true 99.9% network uptime you need fully redundant network. That is what we have. Reseller Sharks is connected to 6 different Internet backbones, and there are two POP's at each location. Using BGP protocol if one link goes down all traffic is rerouted within seconds through backbones that are still functional, thus there won't be a downtime when such incidents occur. So, the only way our network would ever become unreachable is if all of our backbones would go down at the same time. It never happened before and close to impossible. So, with Reseller Sharks you can rest assure that your website will be available to your visitors 99.9% of the time if not more.


  • Fully redundant Fiber Optic Network
  • T3 / OC3 Connection to the Internet Backbone
  • Network Not congested with 1000’s of dial-up users
  • Multi-homed Connectivity through over 6 Backbone Providers
  • 6 major backbones Reseller Sharks is connected to:

  • Time Warner GB Link to Internet 1000Mbps Max
  • Verio OC3 Link to Internet 155Mbps Max
  • Verio #2 Gigabit Ethernet to Internet 1000Mbps Max
  • Savvis OC3 Link to Internet 155Mbps Max
  • Cogent GB Link to Internet 1000Mbps Max
  • ELI DS3 Link to Internet 45Mbps Max